The Chicago Irregulars

The Chicago Irregulars are a loose confederacy of Chicago-area creative types, with an empahsis on illustrators and cartoonists, but room for pretty much anyone. There are more of us than I've got listed here, but these are the people with sites featuring their work.

We're not good for much other than getting together, eating Thai food and taking up too much space, but maybe that'll change one day. Then again, maybe not.

We have a mailing list, and we tend to meet up once or twice a week. If you're an interested local, drop us a line. We're not as lame as I make us sound.

Tim Broderick

Ben Nunez

Brian "BMAN" Babendererde

Brian Sebby

David Buchanan

Carl Jester

Monica Chen

Emily Peterson

Chris Marotta

Dirk Tiede

Dan Vann

Brion Foulke

Gerry Swanson

Mark Molitor

Carrie Curtis

Eric Johnson

Roald Munoz

Jen Brazas

Brigid "Shade Fell" Sullivan

Shannon Townsend

Dale Lazarov

Nikki M. Pill

Jerry Koudelik

I sure do like comics, you guys.

And these guys don't have link buttons, but hey, that's cool.

Animals Have Problems, Too
Dr. McNinja
Slow Wave
Twist: Ending
Webcomics Stew
Fred The Clown
Feral Calf
Gone with the Blastwave
Perry Bible Fellowship
Toothpaste for Dinner
Ryan Estrada
The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
The Tenth Life of Pishio the Cat

Link to Templar, Arizona!

Keep track of Templar, Arizona at OnlineComics.Net!

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